7 July 2011

Final Major Project.

Today I went to Bucks New Uni (where I did my art foundation course) for the last time. It felt so strange walking into an almost empty room to take down the work from my exhibition space. It literally feels like we only started the course a couple of months back and to think it's all over now is insane. This has hands down been the best year of my academic life; I've made the most amazing friends, learned so much useless stuff, had crazy days in the studio, chilled out days procrastinating in the studio, wasting time in the library - not looking at books, visited Amsterdam, lunch times on the rye, creating the exhibition space, the night of private view, and actually doing some work somewhere in between all of that.

As usual, procrastination gets the better of me and I actually started this ten week project, six days before the deadline - I didn't sleep for an entire week and cried twice I never cry. My project was based on the concept of the idealised man and woman; covering themes of androgyny, modesty and body image - mainly because I'm a bit of a creep and I'm fascinated by people and the way that they choose to present themselves. I started this projected by taking photographs of people, which lead to defining men and women with the use of words and illustration. This later developed into design ideas for garments.