15 June 2011

White Shirts & Colour.

I know SS11 is like “so last season”  but at the time I was pretending to do my Final Major Project / contemplating the thought of actually doing some work, so I didn’t get the chance to blog about any of it. I'm currently obsessed with white shirts, I've already bought three this season and have my eye on a silk one from Hobbs. Until now, I've always steered clear of bright colours but I'm strangely starting to enjoy wearing them. I can assure you, it won't last for long so here's to my favourite colourful pieces...
SS11 colourblock

N.B. I know the blue dress is from Jane Norman and that in real life it probably feels cheap and disgusting but Zara  a similar dress in ponte - I couldn't find it on Polyvore.

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